Every January, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr; a Baptist minister, civil right leader and cultural icon. Dr. King was probably most known for his 1963 “I have a dream…” speech in front of a million people in Washington DC . So my question for you today is “What’s your dream?” Whatever it is, it can be more easily achieved if you emulate some of the qualities and characteristic exhibited by MLK. Here are a few that come immediately to mind for me – I’m sure you can think of dozens more:

PASSION – MLK risked imprisonment, beatings and ultimately death for what he believed. When you have passion for something you have an intense excitement, enthusiasm, enjoyment and energy that can allow you to accomplish almost anything.

COMPASSION – Dr. King entire mission was to help others. With compassion, you think of the needs of others first. You will understand and appreciate what others are going through. Through others we find ourselves.

LOVE – Dr. King had many quotes on love. My favorite is “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.”  Anything is possible if you have love. Not only that, but when you love something, it seems easier.  And even of it is not, you won’t mind because of the love you have for it.

HUMILITY – MLK rarely took credit for all the good he was doing. He left that to others. Humility is quality of being humble. We all do great things, but keep a low profile about them. Let others do the praising.

STRENGTH OF CHARACTER – Dr. King never stopped believing in his mission. He had the ability to stay the course when others around him told him he was wrong. Stick to your guns for what is truly right.

I’m sure Dr. King would be impressed with how far we’ve come but there is still work to be done. Keep focusing on your dreams using the qualities of Dr. King and someday your dreams will come true too.

Wishing you all the very best and much continued success.

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