We Can All Use a Little Luck

Every March 17th, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Since I wrote a post around Valentine’s Day on how LOVE can grow your business, I thought it was only fair that I write a post around St. Patrick’s Day on how LUCK can help grow your business.

Luck has been defined as “when opportunity meets preparedness.” To prepare you for the next time you get that opportunity, here is some L-U-C-K to get you started:

L – Leverage – Leverage is using what you currently have to get more.  This means using your current opportunities, resources and relationships to create more opportunities, resources and relationships.  REALTORS do this with their just listed and just sold marketing.  They use one house to generate other business.  We can all do this with our own clients.  Leverage the clients we currently have to help us acquire new ones.  For whatever reason, we are often reluctant to leverage our relationships.  An example would be if I have a friend who knows my favorite movie star.  I leverage the friendship by asking my friend “will you please introduce me to my favorite movie star.”  If they are smart, they will, then leverage the “favor” to get something for themselves.  It may sound bad “using one another” but I believe that it is only in lifting others that we will all rise.  Leverage is really nothing more than a warm lead.

U – Understanding – We need to understand our client’s wants, needs, hopes, dreams, visions and current situation.  It is only then that you can fulfill them.  To truly understand, we need to ask lots and lots of questions.  It is only through asking questions that you get the answers.  The more questions – the more answers – the more understanding – the more solution oriented we can be.

C – Communication – In my mind, there is no such thing as too much communication.  Communication is the imparting of information or the connection between people.  Communication can be as simple as wearing your name badge.  You are communicating who you are and what you do.  Communication is cold calling, door knocking, social media and print media.  We all need to communicate all aspects of a transaction.  Communication relieves stress.  So even when nothing is going on, communicate that there is nothing to communicate.

K – Knowledge – Knowledge is power.  Knowledge gives people confidence in your ability.  Knowledge is a quality of a true professional.  Make every effort to learn as much as you can about your industry, your company, your area, and your clients.    Not only be learning all the time, but take the time to teach others what you know.

Hopefully, by adding a little L-U-C-K  to your business, you can create a lot luck for yourself that will lead to your pot-o-gold in the future.  Have a wonderful week and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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