This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day – a day we show our love to those who are special to us. Did you show that love to your client’s? Here’s how you can use L-O-V-E to help you with your business:

L – Love what you do. When you love something, it just comes easier. When you love something you see opportunity not obstacles. Think about your current or past relationships. When you love someone you are willing overlook those things that you might not like. You will do absolutely anything for that person.  I’m a father.  I have changed a lot of diapers in my day. Normally, you aren’t willing to change someone’s diapers unless you really love them. My point is, when you love something or someone, you are willing to put up with a lot of poop. People say they love their hobbies. Hobbies can be tough, as well as expensive, yet people still do them.   My aunt loves to quilt. How can sitting at a table cutting very precise pieces of fabric and then sowing them together be any fun? I call it forced labor – she loves it. People love to golf. Golf is a frustrating game which involves hitting a small ball with a long stick into a hole for 4 plus hours. People love to ski. Skiing involves buying really expensive clothes and equipment to drive in treacherous conditions, in freezing temperatures, only to strap boards to your feet to fly down a hill where you might fall on your butt, break a bone or worse, crash into a tree. Bottom line: things are easy and fun when you love them – so love your jobs.

O – Open to opportunity. There are opportunities everywhere. You need to be aware of them and take advantage of them. Last week, I was in the office when 2 neighbor ladies came in to find out who managed our building so they could have a light installed to make the neighborhood safer. I could have given them the info and set them on their way, but instead I asked them about their home and whether they wanted to refinance. They said no but they also said they knew someone who might be buying a house. Based on just asking a simple question, my company now has a potential referral for a realtor partner and a warm loan lead.  Think of all the people you make contact with during the day – baggers at the grocery store, bank teller, waitresses etc etc. What if at the end of every transaction with these people you said “by the way, I’m a great (fill in the blank), do you know anyone who might need my services.”  Even if that four seconds, said 10 to 20 times a day, amounted to just one more transaction a quarter, that’s four more transactions you would have. Seneca, the great Roman statesmen, is credited with the expression “Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.” You will be amazed at how lucky you will be when you are prepared to take advantage of your opportunities.

V – Value proposition – Know your value proposition and be ready to articulate it. Some call this your elevator pitch. Be ready to tell everyone who you are, what you do and how well you do it. If you are able to articulate your value, you will set yourself apart from your competition.

E – Enlist the help of everyone. Despite the fact that you are often an independent contractor, you are not alone in your business. Don’t feel you have to go it alone. Enlist the help of everyone you know to help you grow your business – friend, family, past clients, and everyone in your sphere of influence. Humans, by nature, are a helping species. If you ask people for help, they will help you.  You may only know 50 people, but if those 50 people know 50 people then your reach may be 2500 people. And wouldn’t it be great to have 2500 people know who you are, what you do and how well you do it.

Spread your L-O-V-E, and not only will you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, but a very Happy and Successful 2017.

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