I honestly believe if you have a great attitude about things, even the most mundane and tedious of tasks go easier or better.    As I speak to people about their goals and aspirations, they usually begin the response with “I want to….”  As I continue the conversation, I ask “what will you do to achieve what you want?”  They usually proceed to tell me what they HAVE TO do.     I want to tell you there is a major difference between an attitude of “WANT TO” and “HAVE TO.”

Think about things you “WANT TO” do in life: succeed in your business, go on vacation, enjoy a great meal, do your hobbies, relax, have children, etc. etc..   With rare exception, things you WANT TO do are things that make you happy, you enjoy or that come easily to you.  Conversely, things you HAVE TO do are usually chores, obligations or things that bring you grief, discomfort or consternation i.e. “I have to go to the DMV or the dentist.”

If then you truly “WANT” something in life, then you should have an attitude of “WANT TO”  in order to accomplish it – or at least make it less difficult to obtain.    Applying this concept of WANT TO versus HAVE TO to your business, if you WANT TO be truly successful you should have an attitude of WANT TO rather than HAVE TO about your daily tasks.   You should WANT TO manage your data base.  You should WANT TO make cold calls.  You should WANT TO tell everyone you meet about who you are, what you do and how well you do it.  You should WANT TO have great presentation skills.  You should WANT TO go to all the training classes that will help make you better.  Bottom line, you should WANT TO do all the little day to day things that will help you reach your goal.

This week, see if you can adjust your attitude from grumpily HAVING TO  do something, to happily WANTING TO do something.  I guarantee you will create a more successful you and be more pleasant to those around you.


Market Like a Politician!!

Normally I use this space to share with you some positive marketing and/or motivational tips to help grow your business and hopefully make you more successful.  But having spent the last few months watching the coverage of the national political races, it dawned on me that you don’t always have to have positive attributes or habits to achieve a positive outcome.  So here are 5 things that have helped the candidates (though not all of them), that you might want to think about doing (or not), to help grow your business:

  1. Spend as much money as you can on your marketing.  In fact, if you are really smart, you get other groups and organizations to spend money on your marketing.  You may even want to consider asking for donations from friends, family and contacts or even perfect strangers, to spend on your marketing.
  1. Send out as many blast emails as you can to everyone on the planet on a daily or even hourly basis letting them know what you are going to do for them.  Feel free to expand your data base from the 1000 or so people it is now,  to say way over 10 million.  Somebody, somewhere may need your services.   Don’t forget to ask for a donation to help you with #1 above.
  1. Every chance you get, speak negatively of your competition.  The worse you can speak about them the better.  Do this as often and loudly as possible.
  1. Don’t bother telling people about your experience, qualifications or marketing plan. Speak only in generalities and clichés.  Simply continue to tell them that you are the best person for the job and to trust you.  If pushed to explain how you will help them, tell them it is secret and in their best interest not to know.
  1. Hire an image consultant.  Don’t underestimate the power of a hairstyle or a properly coordinated outfit.  In business, form always wins out over substance.

So there you have it.  Usually I am fairly confident that the tips I give you will help grow your business.  With these, I am going to put in a disclaimer to proceed at your own risk and I take no liability if anything bad should happen.  However – like the politicians – if you do these things and you become ultra-successful, I will take full credit for your success!!!

Coach Chuck Miller

“CARE” More For Your Clients

A recent study revealed what customers value in their consumer transactions.  As it turns out, all we need to do to be more valuable to our clients is CARE.   The dictionary defines “care” this way: “to look after and provide for the needs of” – which is certainly what we should be doing in all our relationships.  However for the case of this particular study, CARE is an acronym for some sales skills we should all have with our clients.  The most valued providers, and thus highly reviewed and rated, exhibited these characteristics:

“C” – Communicated with their clients in an effective, consistent and transparent manner.  There is no such thing as too much communication.  Your clients need and want to know what is happening during their transaction.  Not knowing, leads to stress.  Stress doesn’t make for happy clients.

“A” – Authentic – Be real and genuine, not “salesy.”   Be true, genuine and as transparent as possible with your clients.  This builds trust.   Another “A” is appreciation.   Appreciation goes along way with clients.  Have an attitude of gratitude during every step of the transaction.

“R” –  establish a relationship.  Get to know your clients.  Not just what they want to buy, but why are they buying.  Who are they as people?  What are their likes and dislikes?  Then, be “R” responsive to those wants and needs.

“E” – Empower your clients.  The most highly rated professionals were those whose clients felt empowered in the transaction through information.  No one like to feel helpless.  Your clients need to feel they are a major part of the process – which they should be – it’s their home!!!

So to be super successful this year, remember to “CARE”!!!!

Coach Chuck

Be Prince-Like

Last week we suffered another cultural loss with the passing of music icon Prince.  Even though he is physically no longer with us, his legacy and spirit can live on in your business if you can emulate some of the traits that made him so great.  Here are just 5 of his “skills”  that can help you grow your business:

STYLE – Prince had his own unique and inimitable style.  Whether it was his dress or his music, his style distinguished him from any other artist.  He also wasn’t afraid to change his style over time.  Create a style for yourself that separates you from the crowd and don’t be afraid to adapt that style as the situation demands.

OWN THE STAGE – By most accounts, Prince was a shy, introverted, private person.  However, when he took the stage and the spotlight was on him, he gave every audience member the performance of a lifetime.  We need to do the same when we are in front of our clients or potential clients.  No matter how bad our day has been, or whatever personality type we have, when it’s “showtime” we need to give every client our very best.

KNOW YOUR CRAFT – Prince was the ultimate professional when it came to knowing everything about his music.  He played almost every instrument and went to great lengths to learn all he could about his industry.  Knowledge is power.  It demonstrates your commitment to your business and to your clients.  Always be in a learning mode.  As they say: the more you learn, the more you learn that there’s  more to learn.  Learn and know as much as you can about your industry, area, company and clients.

HARD WORK – Prince made it look easy, but he was always working to perfect his art.  We often see very successful people and contribute their success to their God-Given talent, but the truth is that in most cases, the most talented people are also the hardest working whether it be Prince, Michael Jackson, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.  The harder we work the luckier the get and the more successful we will be.

PASSION – Prince was definitely a passionate person and was very passionate about his music and fans.  Be passionate about your business.  If you love what you do, things will seem to be easier.  At one time or another, we will all face obstacles, difficulties or challenges but if we are passionate about what we do we can overcome anything.

So continue to be “Prince-like” in your business and if you do, like Prince, you will be innovative, influence others and have a very successful and memorable career.  RIP Prince.

Coach Chuck


Cover all the bases with your clients!!!

Happy Monday – With April came the start of a new baseball season.   Here is my suggestion on how to have a successful season with your clients:

“OUT” – when a client flat out doesn’t want to work with you and has no interest in real estate at all.  If this is the case, you need to get back to the bench to get ready for your next at bat with your next client.  Work on your sales skills so you don’t make too many outs.

“SINGLE or FIRST BASE” – when a client has enough interest that they give you their name and contact information to add to your data base.  You in turn, contact them on a regular basis informing them of the latest trends in the market, rates and other pertinent information to help them down the road.  “Dripping” on these clients can lead to future scores.

“DOUBLE or SECOND BASE” – when you are in regular contact with a client who has a clear vision of possibly doing a real estate transaction in the near future.  You have established a good enough relationship that the client is contacting you to ask questions or get information.  Be vigilant with these clients so you don’t get “picked off” of second.

“TRIPLE or THIRD BASE” – when the client trusts you enough to actually do a transaction with you.   Running all the way to third can be exhausting so you better be in good shape to get there.  Having a good third base coach and a supportive team is always helpful.  A score is within sight.

“HOME RUN  or “TOUCH THEM ALL” –  when you close a successful transaction and all parties leave happy.

“WINNING THE GAME” – when the client trusts you so much and has such a positive experience that they refer you, review you positively and actually become a repeat customer.

Remember to be totally successful you need a good combination of all four bases in your pipeline.  The goal is that all the singles proceed along the base paths and ultimately “touch them all”.  Hopefully you all swing for the fences and hit “HOME RUNS” with all your clients.  Wishing you all a successful season.

Coach Chuck

Treat Your Clients Like You are on Vacation

Well I’m back from vacation.  One of the things I like best about being on vacation is the opportunity to enjoy and evaluate customer service.  If you are like me, you want to feel special and be pampered on vacation.  For this, I am willing to pay a little extra.

While away, I was able to speak to a wide range of people from across the United States about their travel and their individual vacations.  What I found was a theme that I think we can incorporate into our business.  Most people perceived things like car rentals, air flights and hotels as being on equal footing for the most part.  Meaning they saw little difference in renting a car from Hertz versus Budget or flying American versus United.  Therefore, they were willing to “shop for” these items, often using on-line companies such as Expedia, Priceline and Hotel.com to book their travel at a discounted rate.    However when it came to their “excursions” or “experiences” such as zip-lining, parasailing or sunset dinner cruises (which are not inexpensive items), they were willing to pay top dollar.   No one wants to brag they got the cheapest zip line in town.

So the moral of this vacation tale is to position yourself with a perceived value.  Don’t be like everyone else where you are thought of as all being the same.  If you are like everyone else, you can be “shopped for” online for the best deal.  However if you provide real value and offer an experience to your clients that they will remember, they will be willing to pay top dollar for your services.  Wishing you all the very best and much continued success.

Coach Chuck


Are you a Giver or a Taker?

The question I have for you this week is: Are you a “giver” or a “taker”?  I would venture to say that most people would  answer that it is better to be a giver than a taker – following the old adage that “it is better to give than to receive.”  But for the sake of growing your business, I want suggest that you might want to think about being more of a “taker.”

 Have you ever been asked by a perspective customer:  “why should I use you?” or “how can you help me?”   Often time our first response is to “give” our resume’ or to “give” them a list of all the great products and services our company provides.   If this should happen to you again, I propose that rather than “giving” them this standard response,  first “take” some time to say “I’m not sure you should use me or if I can help you until I know more about you.”  Then “take” some more time to ask questions and “take” as much information from them as possible.

The truth of the matter is that to be truly successful building a quality relationship with a customer, you first must understand THEIR wants, needs and goals.   “Take” this information so you can tailor a strategy that best suits their ultimate desires.  In some situations, once you have the whole picture, you may not be able to help them or maybe you aren’t the right fit for them.  If that is the case, you will make a much bigger impact with them when you tell them you can’t help them or end up being the resource that points them in the right direction than you would by not living up to their expectations.

 So when meeting new clients, growing your database or acquiring new customers, be a “taker“ not a “giver.”  If you do, you and your clients will be much happier with the results.

Secrets of a Successful Girl Scout

Girl Scout cookie season recently came to a close.  I certainly bought my share.   As big a sucker as I am for a kid selling something, I have come to realize I didn’t buy every time I was approached.  As I evaluate my cookie purchases, it becomes evident to me that all the girls who were successful in selling me their cookies had certain sales skills – skills that I believe translate well to our business.  Here are four qualities that made a difference to me when making my purchase:

  1. Knowledge – I bought from those girls who knew the names and ingredients of all the various cookies.  You should know everything there is to know about your business, industry, products and market.  As they say, “Knowledge is power.”
  1. Trusted Adviser – I bought from girls who were willing to share their expertise and opinion and give me THEIR advice on what cookie was the best – “Thin Mints are awesome!!” “Tag-a-longs are my favorite!”  You should be your clients trusted adviser and be willing to share your experiences.  It’s not enough to have the knowledge and information if you aren’t willing to tell your clients what it means and how to use it to their advantage to get the best deal.
  1. Enthusiasm  – I only bought from the girls who seemed to really enjoy selling their cookies and excited about the opportunity to do so.   I said “no thank you” to all the girls who sat back in their chairs, with a scowl on their faces , who seemed to only be there because of their moms.  I encourage you to LOVE WHAT YOU DO and don’t be afraid to show and tell people.  People want to work with people who enjoy what they do and are good at it.
  1. Appreciation – I always felt better about my purchase when the girls showed true gratitude.  Even though my transaction was over, I went away feeling good about my purchase and often shared the story of my positive experience with others.  Clients are often hard to come-by.  Make sure you let them know how much they mean to you.  If they feel this appreciation, post transaction, they are more likely to refer you to others and also be repeat customers.

I hope you can use these four skills to help grow your business.  Please let me know if I can ever be of any service to you.  I want to wish you all the very best and much continued success.  Have a great day and a wonderful week.

Coach Chuck, 925-596-4018

Copyright – 3/15/16




Lessons from Nancy Reagan

In the news this morning was the passing of Nancy Reagan. Regardless of your politics, there is probably much to learn from a lady who lived so long and experienced so much. Here are three reoccurring themes that I took away from the news coverage that could help to grow your business.

1. Nancy had Style – Again, regardless of what you thought about her personally, everyone interviewed spoke of her style. What’s your style? And more importantly is your style part of your branding. Your style doesn’t have to be flashy or glamourous but it should be immediately apparent and representative of who you are. Don’t be afraid to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

2. “Just Say No” – “Just say no” became one of Nancy’s catch-phrases for her anti-drug campaign. Are you saying “NO” often enough? As people in a service industry, we want to please others. However, I want you to know that it is okay to say NO to those TASK that negatively affect your time management of doing what you do best and to PEOPLE who drain your energy and don’t allow you to be the best you that you can be.

3. Love notes – It was repeated numerous times that Nancy and Ronald loved and adored each other. They showed this adoration each day by giving each other love notes. Do your clients know you love them? Make a point of sending out “Love Notes” on a regular basis to your clients not only letting them know how much you love and appreciate them, but how much you love your job and helping people fulfill their dream of home ownership.

Hopefully these three very simple tips can help you grow your business and allow you to be as successful as Nancy.