Market Like a Politician!!

Normally I use this space to share with you some positive marketing and/or motivational tips to help grow your business and hopefully make you more successful.  But having spent the last few months watching the coverage of the national political races, it dawned on me that you don’t always have to have positive attributes or habits to achieve a positive outcome.  So here are 5 things that have helped the candidates (though not all of them), that you might want to think about doing (or not), to help grow your business:

  1. Spend as much money as you can on your marketing.  In fact, if you are really smart, you get other groups and organizations to spend money on your marketing.  You may even want to consider asking for donations from friends, family and contacts or even perfect strangers, to spend on your marketing.
  1. Send out as many blast emails as you can to everyone on the planet on a daily or even hourly basis letting them know what you are going to do for them.  Feel free to expand your data base from the 1000 or so people it is now,  to say way over 10 million.  Somebody, somewhere may need your services.   Don’t forget to ask for a donation to help you with #1 above.
  1. Every chance you get, speak negatively of your competition.  The worse you can speak about them the better.  Do this as often and loudly as possible.
  1. Don’t bother telling people about your experience, qualifications or marketing plan. Speak only in generalities and clichés.  Simply continue to tell them that you are the best person for the job and to trust you.  If pushed to explain how you will help them, tell them it is secret and in their best interest not to know.
  1. Hire an image consultant.  Don’t underestimate the power of a hairstyle or a properly coordinated outfit.  In business, form always wins out over substance.

So there you have it.  Usually I am fairly confident that the tips I give you will help grow your business.  With these, I am going to put in a disclaimer to proceed at your own risk and I take no liability if anything bad should happen.  However – like the politicians – if you do these things and you become ultra-successful, I will take full credit for your success!!!

Coach Chuck Miller

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