HAVE THE 5 “F”s to BE 1A

In an earlier post, I shared with you the 4 “A”s of service:  Asking Questions, Anticipating your client’s needs and wants, having a great Attitude, and showing your Appreciation.  Today I want to share with you the 5 “F”s of a having a successful and balanced life.

Faith:  Faith is twofold.  First you must have absolute faith in yourself and your abilities to achieve whatever you wish to achieve both in your business life as well as your personal life.  Confidence is sexy.  The second part is having faith in a higher being.  No matter your religious beliefs, it helps to have a spiritual side that you can gain additional strength or wisdom when things get a little rough.

Friends:  Friends can not only help you celebrate your victories and commiserate your defeats, they can also help you grow your business.  Don’t be shy about asking your friends for their business or their referrals.  That’s what friends are for!!

Family:  Family, both immediate and extended, is crucial to your life balance.  Having a “safe” place to return after a tough day at the office gives you comfort and perspective.  The key to balance is in being present when you are with them,  which is often easier said than done.  Like friends, family members can be a key source of business as well as a huge part of your “sales force,” telling all their friends and associates about you.

Fitness:  Physical Fitness is important in keeping both your body and mind sharp.  Take time to exercise on a regular basis.  If your body isn’t healthy there is a good chance your business won’t be either.  It’s difficult to conduct business from a hospital bed, so take care of yourself.

Fans:  Fans are those people in your life who think you are the absolute best.  They may be friends, family or past clients but they are the people who will sing your praises to everyone they meet.  Clients are great but advocates are better.    Have a fan base that raves about you.

So have your 5 “F”s  to have a 1A life.

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