I honestly believe if you have a great attitude about things, even the most mundane and tedious of tasks go easier or better.    As I speak to people about their goals and aspirations, they usually begin the response with “I want to….”  As I continue the conversation, I ask “what will you do to achieve what you want?”  They usually proceed to tell me what they HAVE TO do.     I want to tell you there is a major difference between an attitude of “WANT TO” and “HAVE TO.”

Think about things you “WANT TO” do in life: succeed in your business, go on vacation, enjoy a great meal, do your hobbies, relax, have children, etc. etc..   With rare exception, things you WANT TO do are things that make you happy, you enjoy or that come easily to you.  Conversely, things you HAVE TO do are usually chores, obligations or things that bring you grief, discomfort or consternation i.e. “I have to go to the DMV or the dentist.”

If then you truly “WANT” something in life, then you should have an attitude of “WANT TO”  in order to accomplish it – or at least make it less difficult to obtain.    Applying this concept of WANT TO versus HAVE TO to your business, if you WANT TO be truly successful you should have an attitude of WANT TO rather than HAVE TO about your daily tasks.   You should WANT TO manage your data base.  You should WANT TO make cold calls.  You should WANT TO tell everyone you meet about who you are, what you do and how well you do it.  You should WANT TO have great presentation skills.  You should WANT TO go to all the training classes that will help make you better.  Bottom line, you should WANT TO do all the little day to day things that will help you reach your goal.

This week, see if you can adjust your attitude from grumpily HAVING TO  do something, to happily WANTING TO do something.  I guarantee you will create a more successful you and be more pleasant to those around you.


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