H-E-A-T Up Your Business

With the dog days of summer upon us, we have certainly been experiencing our share of hot weather.  So as I was sweltering in the heat recently, I decided I’d turn my perspiration into some inspiration for my friends and clients.  Here are some ways to turn the HEAT up on your business:

H – Human Touch – In today’s world of technology, with email, texting, the internet and social media being so prevalent, it is easy to forget that sales is still a relationship business.   A smile, a look in another’s eyes and a handshake still can make an impact.  It’s difficult to go “belly to belly” on a text.  Treat each customer as a human being, not a transaction or target.

E – Emotional Connection – No matter what you are selling, there is usually some emotion connected to it.  Connect with the emotions being felt by your client.  Share in their joy, grief or fear.  If you are empathetic to their emotions, you will connect with them on a deeper level and forge a stronger relationship.  When people are emotional, whom do they turn?  They usually look to friends and family.  If you can connect on an emotional level, you have upped your status from salesperson to friend.

A – Anticipate needs, wants and questions – Hopefully you know your business and what transpires during any given transaction.  If you can educate your clients and answer their questions before they even ask them, you become their trusted adviser.  By taking a proactive approach you look more professional and will be more respected.

T – Trust – I am a big fan of Pat Lencioni and his best-selling book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”  Mr. Lencioni explains that the foundation of any team is trust.   Think of your clients as teammates.  In order to achieve our mutual goals of a successful transaction, we must constantly be building trust with them through are words and actions.

So put a little H-E-A-T in place for your business and before you know it, you’ll be on fire.

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