Graduation season is upon us.  It got me thinking about all the lessons from school that can still be helpful in our lives today.  Here are just a few:

  1. Have a favorite teacher.  In school there always seemed to be that one teacher from whom you learned the most.  It could have been what they taught or how they taught it, but they kept you engaged and wanting to learn more.   I encourage you to seek out a mentor or a coach to help you along your path.  Someone who can teach you new things and hold you accountable to your goals.
  1. Go to class and do your homework.   Class was where you obtained knowledge and learned new information.  Homework was used and needed to truly hone those skills and imbed that knowledge – usually with practical application worksheets.   Never lose the passion to learn more.  Yearn to know as much as you can about your industry, community and clients.  Knowledge remains power.
  1. Hang in your clique. Whether you were a nerd, a jock, a stoner or a popular kid, you had a circle of friends that supported you and your efforts.  The same support groups can help you now in your professional life.   Hopefully your sphere is more mature than your high school groups but it is very important to have a sphere of influence that supports you and your efforts.
  1. Take PE. In high school you probably had to wear the matching uniform, but PE was a vital part of the educational process.  The same goes today.  To be truly successful you not only need to be mentally fit, but physically fit as well.  Having a healthy diet and regular exercise will help keep your stress in check.  The gym can also help grow your sphere.
  1. Express your school spirit. Whether you loved your school or not, I’m sure you cheered at all the pep rallies or had some other semblance of school pride.  Don’t be afraid to do the same today when it comes to your own companies or personal brand.  Grab your megaphone and let everyone know that you are the best.

We may have graduated from school but we don’t ever really graduate from striving to be the best we can be.

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