Four “A” Service

June is graduation season.  Report Cards are being sent.  Looking back over the last few months, how would you grade yourself?  If you want to improve your grade, here are four easy “A”s to help improve your sales GPA:

Ask questions – When you first get together with your clients, either on the phone or in person, be ready with a set of questions to ask your clients to really get to know there needs, wants, goals, desires and emotions.  These questions and answers will help you to formulate a specific strategy for that particular client and help build a lasting relationship into the future.  The more you know about your clients, the more you can truly serve them.

Anticipation –  Anticipate your client’s needs even before they know them themselves.  Asking questions will certainly help you with this.  You are the professional – the expert – you know and understand the process.  Make sure you keep yourself as the point person of the transaction by communicating expectations and educating the customer on what is happening – upfront – before they have questions.  Real estate transactions are a very stressful and emotional time for most people – including us – calm those fears and reduce stress by anticipating problems and communicating solutions.  This will not only make your clients more assured of your professionalism, but it will build lasting trust that will deepen your relationship with them.

Attitude – Have a great one!!!  No matter how bad your day may be or how terrible the transaction may be going – “never let them see you sweat.”  Be energetic, enthusiastic, and positive.  If nothing else, be friendly and have a smile on your face.  Like dogs, customers sense fear.  If they sense your fear or negativity, they will mirror that and bad things will happen.  Negativity and fear don’t build trust or relationships – love and positivity do!!

Appreciation – Have an attitude of gratitude at every step of the process.  Always thank your clients – even if they are shopping you or just asking questions.  They could have gone somewhere else to ask.  Thank folks verbally at the end of every conversation – or even better –  the second you have them on the phone – “thank you so much for your call.”  Then follow up with an email or text and then go one step further with a hand written note.  I have been in sales for almost 35 years and never once did anyone say “will you please stop thanking me!!”  I have seen the opposite though – “I do business with so and so all the time and they have never said thank you.”  Appreciation goes a long way in building a lasting relationship – one that will spawn referrals and a lifetime client.

Use these “A”s and you’ll be on the “Dean’s List” for sure.

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