I recently ran across an article on training your dog. The author gave 4 training tips to bring out the best in your dog. As I read them, it struck me that these were not only great tips on how to bring out the best in your dog but how to bring out the best in your clients too!!!  Actually, use these tips to train yourself on how to deal with your clients. See if you agree:

1.   Speak their language: To foster the best relationship, two way communication is a must.  Learn to decipher their body language and their “barks”.   Does their bark say they are hungry, playing or protecting? What are your clients really telling you?  Learn their body language and their tone when you are having discussions with them.  In our technological age, learn what language they are speaking: text, email, voicemail. Speak to them in the language they like best.  Also in this ever-growing culturally diverse world, it will help if you “literally” speak their language (Spanish, an Asian Dialect, Farsi).

2.   Identify the “why” behind their misdeeds: For dogs, figure out why they ate your favorite shoe? Were they bored, hungry or were they just not aware that the shoe was important to you? For your clients,  figure out the “why” of their transactions. Why are they moving, selling, buying? Why have they chosen a certain area, town or house size? Know their desires, hopes and dreams as well as their financial situation to know why they are doing what they are doing. Bottom line – ask questions!!!

3.   Boost Concentration powers: Work with your dog ‘s mind and body to develop their cognitive powers. Work with your clients to educate them on the sales process and all the many steps it will take to have a successful transaction. Communication, education and expectations lead to healthy relationships. Work also on your own professional education to expand your minds. The more knowledge you have, the more confidence your clients with have in you.

4.   Build a bond: Good dog behavior comes from a strong friendship with you. Hugs and treats are a must. This is probably the most important ingredient in creating a client for life. Give your clients lots of attention before, during and after the transaction. Show your appreciation and gratitude for their business and referrals. Treats your clients like friends or family not a transaction. If so, they will be loyal, like “man’s best friend,” and will be more likely to give you repeat business and referrals.

Hopefully following these 4 simple tips will allow you to be more successful with your clients.  So go ahead, you have my permission – treat them all like dogs!!!!

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