“CARE” More For Your Clients

A recent study revealed what customers value in their consumer transactions.  As it turns out, all we need to do to be more valuable to our clients is CARE.   The dictionary defines “care” this way: “to look after and provide for the needs of” – which is certainly what we should be doing in all our relationships.  However for the case of this particular study, CARE is an acronym for some sales skills we should all have with our clients.  The most valued providers, and thus highly reviewed and rated, exhibited these characteristics:

“C” – Communicated with their clients in an effective, consistent and transparent manner.  There is no such thing as too much communication.  Your clients need and want to know what is happening during their transaction.  Not knowing, leads to stress.  Stress doesn’t make for happy clients.

“A” – Authentic – Be real and genuine, not “salesy.”   Be true, genuine and as transparent as possible with your clients.  This builds trust.   Another “A” is appreciation.   Appreciation goes along way with clients.  Have an attitude of gratitude during every step of the transaction.

“R” –  establish a relationship.  Get to know your clients.  Not just what they want to buy, but why are they buying.  Who are they as people?  What are their likes and dislikes?  Then, be “R” responsive to those wants and needs.

“E” – Empower your clients.  The most highly rated professionals were those whose clients felt empowered in the transaction through information.  No one like to feel helpless.  Your clients need to feel they are a major part of the process – which they should be – it’s their home!!!

So to be super successful this year, remember to “CARE”!!!!

Coach Chuck

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