Be Prince-Like

Last week we suffered another cultural loss with the passing of music icon Prince.  Even though he is physically no longer with us, his legacy and spirit can live on in your business if you can emulate some of the traits that made him so great.  Here are just 5 of his “skills”  that can help you grow your business:

STYLE – Prince had his own unique and inimitable style.  Whether it was his dress or his music, his style distinguished him from any other artist.  He also wasn’t afraid to change his style over time.  Create a style for yourself that separates you from the crowd and don’t be afraid to adapt that style as the situation demands.

OWN THE STAGE – By most accounts, Prince was a shy, introverted, private person.  However, when he took the stage and the spotlight was on him, he gave every audience member the performance of a lifetime.  We need to do the same when we are in front of our clients or potential clients.  No matter how bad our day has been, or whatever personality type we have, when it’s “showtime” we need to give every client our very best.

KNOW YOUR CRAFT – Prince was the ultimate professional when it came to knowing everything about his music.  He played almost every instrument and went to great lengths to learn all he could about his industry.  Knowledge is power.  It demonstrates your commitment to your business and to your clients.  Always be in a learning mode.  As they say: the more you learn, the more you learn that there’s  more to learn.  Learn and know as much as you can about your industry, area, company and clients.

HARD WORK – Prince made it look easy, but he was always working to perfect his art.  We often see very successful people and contribute their success to their God-Given talent, but the truth is that in most cases, the most talented people are also the hardest working whether it be Prince, Michael Jackson, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.  The harder we work the luckier the get and the more successful we will be.

PASSION – Prince was definitely a passionate person and was very passionate about his music and fans.  Be passionate about your business.  If you love what you do, things will seem to be easier.  At one time or another, we will all face obstacles, difficulties or challenges but if we are passionate about what we do we can overcome anything.

So continue to be “Prince-like” in your business and if you do, like Prince, you will be innovative, influence others and have a very successful and memorable career.  RIP Prince.

Coach Chuck


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