With the dog days of summer upon us, it is the perfect time to COOL off with these tips so you aren’t sweating to come up with new ideas to help grow your business.

C – Constantly contact your contacts!  We all have these great data bases, so why aren’t we using them?  Your contacts need to be more than just people who are in immediate need of your services.  Think of them as your own personal sales force.  They need to be out there working for you, telling other people who you are, what you do and how well you do it.  If you aren’t in constant contact with your contacts, you aren’t going to be top of mind then a potential opportunity presents itself.  Regularly reach out to your contacts reminding them that you need their help to help you grow your business.

O- Open to opportunities!  I regularly hear, “I need to get more leads!”  The truth is, if you are out in public at all, leads are everywhere.  You just need to be open to the opportunities that surround you, and then be ready to engage them, telling them who you are, what you do and how well you do it, ask the right qualifying questions and convert them to using your services.  If you aren’t telling everyone you meet, and I mean everyone – your grocery bagger, your dry-cleaner, the car wash guy, your kids teachers etc etc – you are missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

O- Optimism!!!  Where you mind goes, your energy flows!!  You must have a positive attitude.  The smile sells.  People want to work with people with positive attitudes.  Optimism gives clients confidence in your abilities.  Would you rather work with Eeyore or Tigger?  If you are excited about what you do, people will be excited about the opportunity to work with you.  Nobody likes a gloomy gus.  Optimism leads to opportunity.

L – Learn!!!  Knowledge is power!  The more you know the more you grow.  The more you learn the more you earn.  Knowledge gives you more confidence and therefore your clients will have more confidence in you.  Knowledge makes you look more professional.  Take every opportunity to get to know as much about your business, your industry and most important your clients.  It is only when you truly know you clients that you can truly satisfy their needs, wants and goals.

So if you take the time to COOL it, your business will be the only thing on fire.  Wishing you all the very best and much continued success.

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