This weekend marked the beginning of another NFL season.  As I was watching all the games this weekend, it dawned on me how much of sale’s related businesses are like football.

Often we have our sale’s “TEAM.”    Every day we seem to “RUN” from one appointment to the next.  We “PASS” along leads, referrals or delegated tasks.  We sometimes get “SACKED” by our clients who “BLINDSIDE” us by deciding to cancel their deal or choosing to use someone else.   Our opportunities sometime get “BLOCKED” by a client’s objections.  We may feel like we are being “TACKLED” when we are confronted by unforeseen obstacles or issues that may arise during a transaction.  We “PUNT” on opportunities that aren’t worth our time or efforts.  But hopefully, with a great “GAME PLAN” in place, we ultimately “SCORE” new clients, deals and other opportunities.   And with our superior skill and talents, we wind up with a “WIN” as our transaction comes to a successful close.

As we bring this 2016 “SEASON” to close and look forward to 2017, here are a few tips that are synonymous with football players to help you have your own personal “CHAMPIONSHIP” or sale’s “DYNASTY”:

  1. COACHING – It’s a good idea to have a great coach in your corner to help you build your goals and plan then hold you accountable to them.
  2. PRACTICE – whether it be your sale’s scripts, style or approach, you must practice.  Joe Montana once said he practiced and prepared almost 50 hours a week to get ready for 1 hour of football on Sunday.  Always seek opportunities to hone your craft with education, training and repetition.
  3. BE PASSIONATE – sales is a tough full contact sport.  You need to love what you do.   This passion will be evident to those around you and attract opportunities to you.
  4. COMPETE – Don’t be afraid to go after, and fight for, new clients and opportunities every day.  You bring something unique to your business – YOU!!!  Be proud to show YOU off.
  5. HARD WORK, DEDICATION and COMMITMENT – you need to be a 24/7 salesperson to build your brand and your business.  Roll up your sleeves, get down in the trenches, and go belly to belly.  You need to “connect to convert.”

Hopefully with this “GAME PLAN” you too will have a successful season.  Wishing you all the very best and much continued success.

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