The Power of “E”

I recently watched a video by Best Selling Author and Speaker Todd Duncan where Todd spoke of having a “VIEW:“  “V”ision, “I”ntense Focus on creating that vision, “E”nthusiasm around your vision, and the “W”hy of what you are attempting to achieve.  In the video, Todd mentioned the power of “E” in reference to having enthusiasm.  The latter resonated with me as I coached my high school basketball team.  I was expressing to the players some of the qualities and activities that I felt would help make them more successful, not just on the basketball court, but in life.  When I finished, it dawned on me how many of those qualities and activities begin with the letter “E”.    It then occurred to me how many of the same words apply to us and our business success.  I have broken them down into three categories:

  1. Physical Health  – It’s difficult to be successful in anything if your body isn’t feeling right.

Eat – More importantly eat right.  There is so much bad food out there, make sure you are eating good food and eating at the right times.

Exercise –  Besides honing our mental and intellectual skills on a daily basis, we also need to keep our bodies in shape to ensure a long healthy  life.

Entertainment – I threw this one in because it is important to have balance in your life.  Take advantage of all the great cultural opportunities around us.

2. Mental Health –  This is along the lines of having the proper mindset.

Energy – You need to have and create energy in everything you do – and not just energy, but positive energy.  There is a concept in physics that states: “energy creates energy”.  The same goes in our business.  The more positive energy we put into our business – the more positive results we will see.

Enthusiasm – Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success…nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Excitement – Like enthusiasm, you need to want to do what you do.  Your excitement will be infectious to your clients and those around you.

Enjoyment – If you enjoy what you do, you will naturally do it better.

3. Financial Health –  Activities that will help you attain your financial goals.

Engagement – Be ready to reach out to people and engage them in a discussion about your business

Entrepreneurial Spirit– Treat your business as a start-up,  thinking about things like capital improvements and ROI.

Effort – I always tell my players – “there are always  two things we can control: attitude and effort.”.  It almost goes unsaid, but the truth of the matter is the more effort we put forth, the more likely good things will happen.

Experience – There is an old adage that “nothing beats experience.”   Experience allows you to be a better problem solver because you have been around and seen it all.

Expectations – Set them properly for yourself and your clients.

Education – Never underestimate the power of education.  This means learn as much as you can about your craft and teach other what you know.  Knowledge is power.

Empowerment – Allow yourself and others around you to be as great as possible.  Delegate tasks  and ask for help.

Efficiency – Build in systems to your business so you can be as productive as possible.

Keep in mind the Power of E to power your business to the next level!!